We design and animate, from idea to creation. In our motion design workflow we focus on delivering a clear concept and message. During every step of the process you know what choice is being made, and for what reason.

Concept phase


We ask you a lot of questions to get the focus and target group into focus. This will form the basis for the motion design.


In a first concept it becomes clear if we -according to you- have the right angle and visual style. We repeat this step until you are satisfied.

Design phase


Together we find the perfect visual style. We’ll only continue if we hit the mark.


The motion design storyboard shows how the visuals and words combine. This gives a clear image of the final animation. You’re amazed? We’ll continue.

Production phase


The project comes to life!  The voice-over is recorded and we start animating.

Music & Sound design

The cherry on the pie. We add music and sound effects for extra impact. Do we strike the right chord? Then we’re done.