Superpose Me!

The German Helmholtz association stimulates knowledge about complex science. For the event Quantum Technologies: How will they change our world? We produced an animation about the second quantum revolution and the technologies that will play a key part in it.

Client – Helmholtz Association
Agency – Johanna Barnbeck
Direction – Wim Dijksterhuis
Illustration – Sophia Twigt
Animation – Wim Dijksterhuis
Music & Sounddesign – Guns for Hire

"It has been incredibly productive to work with Wim. Together, we developed the concept for the videos and within no time he animated them to perfection. He is - instead of 'doing his job' - very committed and interested in the projects he works on, which you can clearly see in the results."

Johanna Barnbeck - Artistic researcher & Creative consultant

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