Museums are for everybody. When you work there, you want everybody to visit. In reality, a lot of people experience a threshold to visit the museum. Through inclusive thinking museums become less exclusive – and more accessible. The challenge for us: explain what inclusion is, and what it means for the people that work in museums. In collaboration with the team of STUDIO i we conceptualised and produced this animation.

STUDIO i is an initiative of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven.

How do you visualise inclusion?

Inclusion is a broad term concerning many people. To address this we designed many colourful characters. Not stereotypes, but characters who show that you can never fit people in a box.

We show that a trip to the museum can change one’s worldview. By asking critical questions you can work towards a more inclusive museum where everybody feels welcome.

Online & social

Besides the main animation we made several shorter looping animations for use on social media. The animation is shown online and at symposia and festivals.


Direction – Wim Dijksterhuis
Script – Boy Hulsteijn
Illustration – Steffie Padmos
Animation – Adrian Moran, Wim Dijksterhuis
Sounddesign & Mix – Jeff Moberg
Voiceover – Vinny Berkleef

Logo STUDIO i.

Wim and his team are incredibly creative, accurate and kind professionals who make beautiful appealing visuals. The end result is stunning. We would really like to work with them again in the future.

Marleen Hartjes - Project lead STUDIO I – platform for inclusive culture

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