A lot of people have trouble sleeping, resulting in tension and stres. Shleep is here to help you create better sleeping habits, that’s why they developed the Shleep app. We made a cheery explainer animation for the app.


The Sheep

Together with the team at Shleep we explored different styles and characters.

We wanted people to feel the character of Shleep, speak to the target audience of Shleep en fit in with the brand. After a couple of iterations on the main character we chose the Shleep sheep. Look at him shine now!


Direction – Wim Dijksterhuis
Illustration – Koen de Graaf
Animation – Wim Dijksterhuis
Music & Sounddesign – Vincent Twigt
Voiceover –  Els van der Helm van Shleep

We were very happy with the result. Wim has lots of experience and showed great dedication and ownership to make our animation amazing! We can highly recommend him!

Jöran Albers, Managing Director at Shleep

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