PICL Teaser

With PICL you can see the newest and best arthouse films, no matter where you are. For PICL we made a cinema teaser. The teaser is shown at selected theaters around The Netherlands.

Client – PICL
Agency – Grrr
Direction – Wim Dijksterhuis
Illustration – Vincent Wielders
Animation – Wim Dijksterhuis
Sounddesign & Music – Guns for Hire

A journey through film

The trailer shows several places where you can watch PICL, where and whenever you want. In the video we reference several iconic films, like Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, Psycho and Casablanca. With this we not only show the journey between the different media, but also the journey between different stories, times and places.



In 2018 The PICL project was rewarded a silver European Design award.

Logo EDA

The PICL animation was a great project to work on with Wim. The layered concept really shows in the amazing result. We can highly recommend working with him!

Jeroen Disch - Design Lead at GRRR

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