Augmenting Masterpieces

How do you hold the attention of museum visitors in a new way? That was the challenge for researcher Johanna Barnbeck. She developed a new version of the Rijksmuseum app that encourages visitors to interact in new ways with the incredible art in the museum.

Together with creative agency Unc Inc we documented the pilot and produced three explaining animations.

We used real reactions from the survey for the audio fragments in the animations. The voiceovers were recorded in a way that shows the eclectic nationalities that visit the museum: they have distinct German, French, Dutch and Japanese accents.


The music is also very fitting: it dates back to the thematic period of the room that the pilot was documented in.

Cielnt – Johanna Barnbeck & Universiteit van Amsterdam
Agency – Unc Inc
Camera – Wim Dijksterhuis & Screenturner
Editing – Wim Dijksterhuis & Screenturner
Animation – Wim Dijksterhuis

"It has been incredibly productive to work with Wim. Together, we developed the concept for the videos and within no time he animated them to perfection. He is - instead of 'doing his job' - very committed and interested in the projects he works on, which you can clearly see in the results."

Johanna Barnbeck - Artistic researcher & Creative consultant

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