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Animation is one of the best ways to share a message. With our team of creative freelancers we conceptualize, design and animate to help explain the things worth explaining & show the things worth showing. We increasingly focus on projects that make life a little bit better.

Our workflow results in

A sustainable animation
A creative angle that we craft together
Learning what the core of your message is

Explainer, Teaser


Museums are for everybody. When you work there, you want everybody to visit. But in reality, a lot of people experience a threshold to visit the museum. In collaboration with the team of STUDIO i we conceptualised and produced this animation about inclusion.

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We were very happy with the result. Wim has lots of experience and showed great dedication and ownership to make our animation amazing. We can highly recommend him!

Jöran Albers - Managing Director of Shleep

Show what you’ve got

Explainer videos, looping GIFs (JIFs?), trailers, showreels or promotional web animations. No matter the form, animation helps you to clearly get your message across to a large audience.

Wim & Co

It’s not just Wim. He has gathered a group of talented designers, illustrators, sounddesigners and developers. This makes Studio Wim a one-stop shop for animation, explainer videos and animated web content (like interactive animation and GIFS to chuckle about.)

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We worked with:

Some companies and people we adore.

  • Stedelijk Museum
  • Grrr
  • PICL
  • City of Utrecht
  • The Main Ingredient
  • Helmholtz Association
  • Van Abbe Museum
  • InfographicsLab
  • NTR
  • A Lab
  • Unc Inc
  • MSkidsweb